Museum for Modern Brazilian Architecture (MAMB)

In 2019, a prominent panel of Brazilian Architects commissioned Mr. Gusmão to the design this unique museum intended for the preservation of Brazilian Architecture. The location was in a rainforest environment known as Mata Atlantica, on the grounds of a former country house of the famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer (Brasilia, capital of Brazil; UN Headquarters, NY). The museum’s exhibition promotes education, environment protection, and most importantly – fosters a sustainable development model. The project includes educational initiatives to support the dissemination and research around sustainability initiatives. The design includes various sustainable solutions such as suspended water roof structures, which enable lower temperature and allow reutilization of rainwater. Amidst so many natural water sources in the area, Daniel created the concept of water in motion, like a river following its course. “I thought of something totally ingrained in nature. With more natural lines and organic elements". The facade uses a combination of concrete - so important and present in the Modern Brazilian architecture - and wood, so as to resemble a stream of water down a valley. Suspension bridges are used to connect the different pavilions, from which one can see the whole hill. The project is a masterpiece intended to help preserve and valorize the Brazilian Architecture, while deeply anchored in the principles of sustainability.