We believe in the “positive multiplier effect” whereby architecture can benefit individuals and society when a thorough understanding of the social and economic context is combined with a focus on environment sustainability.

We are creators of contemporary architecture with a strong local identity, taking into account the existing culture, surroundings and environment.

Our projects start with the connection between individuals and the spaces they want to inhabit. We strive for a constructive relationship and discussion with our clients in order to understand their needs and dreams. Our aim is to benefit all stakeholders involved - the client, the local community (for larger projects) and investors.

All projects leverage a multidisciplinary approach to create diverse, innovative and ecologically sound solutions. What makes us unique is the extensive research and creativity we employ to design personalized structures that address the way clients want to use their space while harmoniously fitting within the surroundings and land characteristics.

We believe a project needs to tell a story, one owned by our clients. Our intention is to create an emotional connection between our client and the completed project. This requires a development process that starts with attentive listening and executes designs with creativity and precision in order to fulfill the clients’ vision. For DG+B, architecture ultimately is an instrument to improve people’s lives.