Holiday Inn

The site chosen for the Holiday Inn hotel is close to the old harbour area in the city of Rio de Janeiro, an area that has been revitalized as part of the large urban development works undertaken during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The aim was to create new cultural and leisure areas close to the port area. The Hotel has 32 floors and 594 rooms and offers a complete infra-structure of services such as convention hall, restaurants, and mini-shopping malls that are open to the general public, and specific amenities for guests like gym, pool, fitness among other elements. Despite being a tall tower, the horizontal ground block with all leisure and restaurant areas provides a distinct human scale to the overall building. One particularity of the building is that the program called for the creation of two separate hotels, the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express with common service areas and amenities for both, while keeping their structures and access independently from each other so as to preserve the “identity” of each brand of hotels.