Sky Broadcast

An award-winning project and conceived as a striking gesture of two elements that connect creating a portal raised above the ground, the Broadcast Center SKY project aims to create an emblematic set in the Porto Maravilha area (new Port Area in Rio de Janeiro). The program consists of an exclusive corporate space, destined to a broadcast center, commercial spaces, ground-floor stores and a patio with broadcast antennas, in addition to public and semi-public living spaces. For the observer, the project transmits new angles and perceptions at every moment and offers offers new perspectives and angles to its users, connecting visually and spatially to its direct and indirect context. This conception was also guided by the creation of two elevated patios at different heights. The first one on the basement, will house a collective garden terrace and visually integrated with the uses of the base and the surrounding public spaces. The second one is located at a height of 400 ft. above the street level and will function as a north-facing, obstacle-free antenna yard. Concerns with energy efficiency and the comfort of internal environments was another determining factor. The implantation of the two towers had this preoccupation in mind, turning to the east and south sides the social square of the elevated terrace, which will this way remain protected from less desirable insolation throughout most of the day.